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How To Make Cleaning Simpler, And Less Daunting

March 23, 2023

When you need to clean, but don't know what to do, it can be kinda stressful... This is to help you address that feeling.

Cleaning is really simple if you do it like this desu.

For dishes, do this.

For countertops, do this.

For toilets, do this.

In conclusion,
  1. Products like bleach, vinegar (do not mix with bleach), 99.9% germ free sprays, etc. are all over-hyped. Just use dish soap for everything.
  2. Gloves make cleaning comfy. I bought 2 high quality pairs from SuperStore for $5 each. One pair is dedicated to washing dishes, and countertops. The other pair is dedicated to cleaning toilets, sinks, shoes, and doing plumbing. Before taking them off, I always wash them like I'm washing my hands.
  3. Toilet brushes are tacky, but a necessity, sadly. The dollar store ones are good enough.
  4. Lastly, a mommy hack you probably already know about, but I am mentioning anyway. I highly recommend this soap for washing your hands, face, and body. It doesn't smell strong, it's cheap, it removes grease well (I sometimes use it to clean sinks, and dishes in place of dish soap), and it doesn't dry out skin.